9 May, 2017

These embellished natural wood pedestals are a 4 step craft that will elegantly furnish any dinner table or bookshelf.

Visit your local carpenter and ask for as many natural wood cuts as you need. Measure the diameter of your candles to determine the pedestal's top and bottom surface.

These are 15 cm high, 10 cm wide and long.

*If you're using them as a centerpiece, choose different heights and mix them up.

  • Use a brush to apply metal leaf adhesive unevenly to get an antique effect. It is easier to do it two sides at a time. *The more adhesive you add the less wood you'll see after peeling it off.
  • Place gold leaf and press firmly with your hand.
  • Let dry for around 30 minutes, depending on how much glue you applied.
  • Peel off carefully. *If you don't get enough gold leaf, place it back and let dry for a little longer.

You can also make them with silver or copper leaf to match other accessories. Find them and adhesive at craft stores and online.


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