2 June, 2017

A feather, a plant, a flower, a clover and other natural findings have a great shape for an incense burner/holder. Clay is a quick and manageable material that will seem like ceramic.

If you have the actual object, it'll help you trace the outline, or print a stencil and cut it.

  • Flatten modeling clay with rolling pin, but don't make it too thin
  • Press feather or plant lightly onto clay to get the contour
  • Use a toothpick to make a hole for the incense stick, insert it at about 45º
  • Trace lines with toothpick. Closer and thinner on the inside, further apart and thicker on edges
  • Let dry
  • Smooth out borders and chunks with nail file. Leave some imperfections for a natural look
  • Spray paint it with any color you like, let dry and put as many layers as needed for a polished finish
  • Let dry and it's ready to let incense stick burn!

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