Boutique Kado

25 April, 2017


María Ezquerro and Fran lopez Pani.

Kado was founded a little more than a year ago due to our passion for nature. Our main focus is to design and create flower arrangements inspired by natural textures and forms. We are always looking to offer the best quality and variety of flowers, depending on what the season provides.





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Fran and María teach us how to create an arrangement with a naturalistic look, they chose a beautiful palette in white tones and touches of pale green and yellow.

  • Get different kinds of foliage and flowers, remember to put them in a pail with water and leave them on the shade. For their design, the girls from Kado used baby rose, ranunculus, alstroemeria and tulips.
  • Making a grid with clear tape is a great idea if you don’t have other materials like chicken wire or a frog. Also if you have a vase made out of glass.
  • Build your foundation using foliage, which will start shaping the scale of the arrangement
  • Continue with your bulk flowers and harder stems. When you’re working with fewer colors, it is more simple to arrange them in the right place.
  • Give the flowers some space and create layers.
  • For the finishing touch, add some shapely blooms with longer stems to create movement and make it look effortless. Tulips and roses look completely different with open petals.

They also created a medium scale arrangement you can try building with the same technique, and a miniature vase to complement tea time.

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